My shoot for the gorgeous Grey Magazine with Stefano Galuzzi, by Tamara Cincik.

Grey is an intelligent antidote to all the publications with too much show and not enough content.

Weighty and hard-backed, it feels like the quiet revolution it is: harking the clouded morning of a new day, grey perhaps but filled with beauty, charm, grace and that sentiment sadly barely seen in so many other publications, style.  For some reason fashion and magazines have stopped somewhere at Hair in 1968, thinking nudity and over-exposure is shocking, relevant and fresh.  What is fresh here, is to see a world where grace again has its place.

For a sneak preview of the shoot I styled for this issue of Grey with photographer Stefano Galuzzi and the other great shoots in this issue, please check out:

You can buy copies in stores worldwide: it is definitely one to watch, cherish and share!