Origins an installation by Antonio Marras at Bramante Sacristy and Cloister text and photos by Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane , dear shaded viewers, the Bramante Sacristy and Cloister opened to fashion for the first time  with the tribute to the Virgin created by Antonio Marras in the Sacristy. The event blends  art, fashion and tradition with an interpretation of Origins Madonna by the iconic actress Marisa Bereson. The bust  comes out from a huge fabric cone, made of numberless layers of pleated skirts , typical of a Sardinian custom ( I saved one from my grandmother). Antonio Marras talks about  his  memory and how he was inspired by this sacret place.  The event is organised by White in cooperation with the city of Milan, Antonio Marras is the guest designer of WHITE GIUGNO, the installation will be displayed in the Lounge of White till 21 of june .

Chiostri del bramante @marras 005
On the outside of Bramante Cloister

Marisa Bereson perfoming Origins Madonna

Chiostri del bramante @marras 006
in the garden of the Cloister white dresses in a bucolic scenography  
Chiostri del bramante @marras 036
Chiostri del bramante @marras 041
The Sardinian sweets I love!!

If you are in Milan I recommend that you visit  Bramante Sacristy and Cloister .