I finally met Martirio in Paris

Martiria 1

DP and Martiria
Maria takes photo

Maria and Martiria

Maria de Medeiros and Martirio at L'Alhambra

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It is a bit of a long story but for almost a decade people have been calling Martirio out to me thinking that I was her. If only I could sing… The other day my friends Agusti Camps and Maria de Medeiros invited me to the concert of Martirio. A few years ago when I was attending the concert of Maria, I was sitting in the last row and a man kept staring at me the entire concert. Afterwards he stopped me and said "You are….. I said no. I was not sure if he believed me by the way he smiled. Anyway tonight I had the great pleasure of meeting Martirio in Paris.

Close up DP Martiria

Martiria and Christine Spengler

Mario and Christine spengler

Dp christine spengler

Mario Canal would like to visit the photographer, Christine Spengler at her home and go through her closet. Christine thought that I got dressed up like this tonight to look like Martirio. I explained to her that it wasn't till a decade ago that I knew who Martirio was because everyone kept calling me Martirio, especially in Spain but also in Paris and Stockholm. 



All Diane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10

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