Scooter LaForge

 The London Biennale NYC Satellite Event is conceived and curated by Inbred Hybrid Collective in conversation with David Medalla as a way to bring the themes and experiences of the London Biennale into a more primary context for New York's artistic community, hi-lighting the strengths of individual artists while promoting the virtues of art without borders. While this event is not medium specific, the diversity of the work demonstrates the needs of artists to excel beyond expectation in manifesting positive changes in the world with which they have been presented. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with an internationally cohesive enterprise such as the London Biennale and wish to thank all of the artists involved in this show whose work represents the best of the trans-Atlantic artistic community in NYC. This exhibition would not be possible without the generous support of The Christopher Henry Gallery. Featured artists include Michele Brody, Walt Cessna, Michelle Handelman, John Kelly, Scooter LaForge, Max Carlos Martinez, Rob Roth, Johnny Rozsa, Smith & Lowles, Reynolds Tenazas & Lili White. The opening is August 5th from 6-9 pm at The Christopher Henry Gallery 127 Elizabeth St. 212-244-6006. For more information & to RSVP!/event.php?eid=113139268735312&ref=ts

"Rembrandt Punches Brutus" 70 x 70 Oil on canvas 2010 by Scooter LaForge