Kei Kagami ‘Engineering Couture’ and his exhibition with a luminous YKK zipper dress at The Coronet Theatre photos by Nicolas Christodoulou 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

More than a decade ago I met the Japanese designer based in London, Kei Kagami,  in Italy and was very impressed by his work in general and his work with YKK in particular. The Coronet Theatre in London is presenting a series of exhibitions from Kei Kagami. He is a fashion designer, a tailor and an architect and he loves motorcycles. Among his works throughout the month of May at the Coronet Theatre are the Zip Dress (2011), a dress made with YKK luminous vision zippers in  the foyer and UV light and his mixed media sculpture Stairway to Heaven (2017) in the candlelit bar.

Kagami will be taking up residency in the Print Room studio throughout June exhibiting his iconic work, Water Dress (2009) along with a selection of his engineered couture outfits.

photos by Nicolas Christodoulou 



Diane Pernet

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