Festival Fantastia: fun and frills this Summer

Hey there seasoned travellers, 

Last week I went to Avebury in Wiltshire for a fashion shoot: site of a stone circle 500 years older than Stonehenge, where even the local antiques dealer is a character from a Jeanette Winterson novel, sidelining as an octogenarian warlock.  This was like a return to the source for me, as I spent much of my 20's juggling working as a fashion assistant, with living on the road in a hippy haze, living in a truck at times and working at various festivals.  Somehow going there always feels like the most amazing breath of fresh air: the landscape is raw, but also somehow picture postcard gorgeous, replete with thatched roofs and lavender bushes in bloom; I would recommend anyone visiting England taking the 2 hour trip from London there, as it is truly captivating.


Festival season is in full swing again this Summer and while i missed Glastonbury through work commitments, two I am keen to check out this Summer are Latitude and The Secret Garden Party. Both will offer me the chance to enter the 3D Wonderland fantasia of my fashion shoot imagination and enter into the sparkly Never-Never land of festival festivities.

Updates on what to expect at both I will fill you in on very soon.  The Secret Garden Party last year was amazing: Prangsta held an impromptu fashion show of all their carnivality madness, there were chinese lanterns let off around the lake at twilight and the most hilarious succession of inter-active activities. This Summer, the theme will be 'fact or fiction', or in their words:-

" It will be a Party dedicated to wonderment, imagination and the impossible: a world the modern age has started to turn its back on.

" For artists we take inspiration from Heath Robinson, Escher and Dali; from authors and poets we look to H G Wells and Coleridge; for inventors and scientists, figures such Da Vinci and the Wright Brothers.

" From the past the focus will be on the beliefs which now seem like pure fiction, but in their day were