Rosario Morabito reports on the Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2010


Dear Diane, Dear Shader Viewers,

I was at the Royal College of Art earlier today, for the 2010 Graduate Show. A very good year I have to say:  pretty much every graduate had that balance
of creativity and technical skills that are the trademark of the RCA former
students ( Christopher Bailey or, more recently, Soren Bach and Holly Fulton).

On the front row, a focused Hussein Chalayan and the
super stylist Jane How were looking carefully, taking notes every now and
then.  Me? I was impressed with
the overall quality of the manufacture plus some names really stood out for
their clean design concept.  I can play
the scouting game, and bet on womenswear designers Simone Sommer,  Nabil-El-Nayal, Marielle Van de Ven ,
Victoria Stone. And definitely on the the milliner Zara Gorman, who wowed the
crowd with her futuristic polycarbonate cocoonesque hats framing the models
heads and faces. Concept research, design awareness and drama: sounds like 2010 RCA
graduates are more than ready to break through in the industry.