Guy Bourdin 2nd Anniversary Exhibition Opening Ceremony at Corso Como curated by Shelly Verthime and Nicolle Meyer exhibition continues to Sunday 2nd May 2010


I remember the first time that I opened up a French Vogue and saw the work of Guy Bourdin, I was totally transported. It was in the late 70's and his images are as relevant today as they were then. In fact I don't know any other photographer that has made such a strong impact on me personally and on the landscape of photography in general.I'm also quite sure that the reason why  I had a closet full of Charles Jourdan shoes was in response to Guy Bourdin's strong and seductive ad campaigns.Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Nicolle Meyer, his beautiful muse, Guy's son Samuel, who I monopolized this evening and soon will be posting a little video interview I did  with him tonight and the brilliant curator, Shelly Verthime. Soon I'll post some sound bytes from this mornings  press conference . I'd rather you hear what they have to say directly than me paraphrasing, especially since there is so much misinformation posted on the internet. 

 Please understand that the reflections on the photos are  due to a glossy finish and a bit of sunlight and clearly not a part of the images. Also remember that Guy did not use photoshop, he achieved perfection because he had a painters eye and sense of color and  light, framing  and was always in search of perfection. You will see more of the actual installation when I post the videos.

Out the window
Carla Sozzani showing Lee Seo Hyun the projection of Guy Bourdin's images on the building in front of the window.





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