Melanie Bonajo – Opera for Glossolalia: Demons, Devils, Angels, Monsters and Other Intermediate Beings Saturday, 7 November, 8:00 through 10:30 p.m.


Dear Shaded Viewers,

 During Museum Night Melanie Bonajo will present her performance Opera for Glossolalia in SMBA in collaboration with Maia Lyon-Daw and Joseph Marzolla.


In her performance Bonajo investigates the computerised extensions of the human body  and the existence of spirits in modern inventions that rob people of their natural capacity to communicate with one another by means of the senses and their own mediumistic gifts. She experiments with new forms of driving out deamons, of exorcism, such as purifying bodies, objects and spaces by means of contemporary ritual.

The presentation consists of a continuous performance running from 20h-22h30 after that, by request you have a guided tour of the exhibition "Long Live Matriarchy!"

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Diane Pernet

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