Tea at Toraya with friends and playing with the Samsung ST550


Vincent Gagliostro self portrait with Samsung ST550

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I'm having fun playing with my new Samsung ST550 and introducing it to my friends. The camera has a screen on both sides so you direct your own portrait, no more holding the camera in front of you and your friend and wondering how the framing is going to be. Of course, the longer your arms are the better. Also there is a great touch screen, if you don't like the image you just draw an x across the screen and click poubelle.

Here is a self portrait by Vincent Gagliostro and later one of Sang Bleu's Maxime Buechi. The other photos I took of Maxime's tattoos.


Maxime Buechi self portrait Samsung ST550



All Diane's photos taken with Samsung ST550



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