Robert Wilson honored in Hamburg with the Medal for Arts and Sciences in the Gallery of COntemporary Art of the Hamburg Kunsthalle

Senator Prof Dr. von Welck awards Robert Wilson
Senator Prof Dr. von Welck gives Robert Wilson the Medal for Arts and Sciences , next to Mr. WIlson is Dr. Harald Falckenberg, Hamburg's most important art collector with over 1,700 pieces including Robert Wilson's video portraits which were on display last night.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I arrived in Hamburg because I am giving a lecture tonight as part of the Girl Monsters series at Kampnagel. I am the Fashion Monster.

Melissa Logan of Chicks on Speed picked me up at my hotel and took me to the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Hamburg Kunsthalle just in time for Robert Wilson to receive the Medal for Arts and Sciences, more on that later when I post his speech. Following the award ceremony we went 20 minutes outside of Hamburg, Harburg, to the amazing arts space of Hamburg's biggest art collector, Dr. Harald Falckenberg. As Robert Wilson said, the 65,000 square foot space is about art not architecture. 

Harald falckenberg2

Melissa Logan of Chicks on Speed, Dr. Harald Falckenberg, Andras Siebold, Program Curator Kampnagel

Melissa Logan Harald Falckenberg Andras Siebold 

It was a great first day in Hamburg. We took a taxi to the art space but decided it would be faster to take the train back to town. Friday night in Hamburg, not a great idea, a car full of drunken Skinheads with coke bottles, I could have lived without this down to earth experience. .



All Diane's photos taken with Samsung ST50

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