Akiko Hamaoka reports from Antwerp on ATELIER SOLARSHOP

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

After ASVOFF, I am taking a few days off to visit Antwerp where I used to live for 4 years to visit my friends. Today I visited ATELIER SOLARSHOP to see Pietro and Jan-Jan. ATELIER SOLARSHOP is a platform for young creatives. The former solar
panel shop in the centre of Antwerp offers young designers and artists
a multifunctional space which can be used an atelier, gallery or
showroom. Now they have a one month pop-up store to present an exclusive collection of products designed by artists around the world. It is open only until 3rd October – so if you are in Antwerp you should check it out.


Dambruggestraat 48 Antwerp, Belgium