Micki Pellerano Performance images.

Mysteries 5a

Dear Shaded Viewers,
Here are some images from artist Micki Pellerano's new performance piece entitled "The Eleusinisn Mysteries".
Based on Hermetic lore and the codices found at Nag Hammadi, Micki says "It was my largest-scale performance piece to date with 9 performers and 6 musicians".
I bumped into Miguel Villalobos at Micki's "By Sapphire and Sword" art show in March at Live With Animals Gallery where we watched an occult film. Micki also infamously sacrificed an eel at Gavin Brown's Passerby Gallery for our Useless Magazine # 6 launch- which was of course interesting for all who witnessed it.
Mysteries 6a

Mysteries 1a
Mysteries 2a

"The Eleusinisn Mysteries" piece took place at the WEIRD Records party at Home Sweet Home, NYC June 3rd, 2009. [All photos by Maya Hardinge]