Tea party with Mitch Dulce and Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn and Mitch Dulce 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

When I was sitting next to Imran Amed at the Louise Goldin show and realized how many tickets had been given out for the Central Saint Martin's show and the strange coding system, silver dots, gold dots, double gold dots, I decided that my silver dot without any seat on it was about as worthless as a standing and decided that I'd rather check out the collections on the web than stand outside a show like last year's Red Label and simply not get in. Last year I had a front row seat at Red Label and me and a group of other front row tickets were told that we could not get in.  It is a bit of a drag as I was really looking forward to attending the show as usually it takes place when I'm not here however rather than stand outside for 45 minutes waiting to get in I opted Instead to invite Mitch Dulce, the winner of the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur (IYFE) Award, to my hotel room for a cup of tea. I had felt bad that instead of being present the other day for her award I attended the Mark Fast show. I also invited a new friend, Mark Quinn,who brought his own tea bags. BTW Imran had two gold dots and I, one silver… We can read about the Central Saint Martin's show on The Business of Fashion or SHOWstudio today.


Mitch's new pink coat.




Diane Pernet

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