Day 2 in Vienna for the 9 Festival of Fashion and Photography – ASVOFF screening tonight at 20h at the Filmhaus

Vienna girls do Tokyo style

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I've been feeling sick ever since I arrived but none the less I'm  trying not  to spend the entire day in my bed. This morning I had breakfast with Imran Amed, The Business of Fashion,before he went back to London and  then I met Daniel Wakahisa, one of my contributors. We went to see the Cy Twombly exhibition, a must see if you are in Vienna.

All of Diane's pictures are taken with Samsung ST-50

ASVOFF in Vienna
20h tonight Filmhaus Kino Spittelberggasse, 3


I cannot imagine a trip to Vienna without a visit to a tea salon and some pastries, much as I should have avoided it, we went to Demel.


Demel too richDemel lights

The cake was too rich for me to finish not to mention I should not have been eating it in the first place.


The horse

There weren't any events for the 9 Festival of Fashion and Photography today but at 20h tomorrow there will be a screening of ASVOFF, I hear that it is sold out.



 Daniel Wakahisa



Diane Pernet

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