Jonas Dahlberg View Through a Park at Galerie Nordenhake , Stockholm

05. Film still from View Through A Park(1)

Jonas Dahlberg View Through a Park

Galerie Nordenhake will present the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg's new video installation, View Through a Park, and his related photographic suite View from a Street (both 2009). In addition he will also present work from 2003, Safe Zones No. 1.

Jonas works with space, architecture that addresses a political place that influences how we understand ourselves, and how the body and mind experience the outside world. His view of architecture is related to a journey, navigations and negotiations.

In View Through a Park the viewer follows a single camera movement from the interior of one apartment, through an idyllic city park, to its facing apartment. The film is set at night giving dreamlike shots that travel endlessly between these two buildings, transforming from a non-physical journey to the viewer through the park, to a futritive, intruding gaze within the private spaces.




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