Nobuyoshi Araki and KaoRi at their favorite Karaoke bar

Dear Shaded Viewers,
Today was too great for words but as usual having some difficulties with the uploading of my flip. It’s 3h and I cannot deal with it anymore so here is a clip from the Karaoke bar with Nobuyoshi Araki and his beautiful girlfriend KaoRi.

At the end of each photo session Araki and his team go to dinner and then Hanaguruma for Karaoke and this man has been singing the same song almost every month for the last 11 years. There are a lot of opportunities to sing in front of the public so everyone has to master at least one song. Happily I got out of singing as I was considered Maria Callas with a cold.

I’ll try again tomorrow , much more to report from Tokyo. I had a great meeting with Tycoon Tosh this morning, aka Plastics and the first punk rock band in Tokyo in the 70’s. Visit youtube for tiny soundbytes but more to come.

photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki, now how cool is that?


Nobuyoshi Araki and KaoRi



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