Stefano reports from Milan: Byblos

Dear Shaded readers,

this morning I went to see the new Byblos' collection, and I liked  designer Manuel Facchini's work. I appreciated his ultra clean, geometric cuts creating fluid volumes that were both simple and sophisticated, outstanding were  the extra long coats, with asymmetric oversize necklines and collars that opened like envelopes.  Feminine micro-bustier tops transform into trousers and skirts that define the waistline. The fashion addicted will love the new diamond-shaped pleats progressively going from narrow to wide as they descend the body which creates graphic elements that seem to melt away into the wool wool gauze and  flannel blends. THe soft yet solid, and the knitted garments are always a hit in Facchini's work and appear like an impalpable armour.

The creative process originated with the aviation world, then it took a more complex and sophisticated path which seemed to be right on course.