FOOT PRINT THE TRACKS OF SHOES IN FASHION SEPTEMBER 3 – FEBRUARY 14TH – an NVU at the MoMu with Geert Bruloot and Dodi Espinosa

Dear Shaded Viewers,

FOOT PRINT The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion is the upcoming show at the MoMu opening September 3 and ending on Valentine’s Day. It all started when the Director of the Antwerp Fashion Museum MoMu, Kaat Debo asked Geert Bruloot to make a publication of the archives kept at MoMu from 30 years of shop keeping. Geert is a fashion retail pioneer and the General Manager of Coccodrillo, the exclusive footwear boutique that he opened with Eddy Michiels in Antwerp. At first Geert was not keen on the idea, neither the idea to make a book on the archives nor the other proposal of making a book on Coccodrillo. Then the idea developed into recounting  the story of shoes  by going back to the designers that created  the shoes and interviewing them and then returning to the archives. The book is separate from the exhibition, what it will not be is a catalogue of the show.

Now  Dodi Espinosa is called in. “I went to Dodi and asked him to make me a strong, young and contemporary scenography.” said Geert Bruloot. There will be no garments in the exhibition only shoes. Dodi’s idea was to present the shoes with installations, backgrounds, films that would bring out the emotion you feel when confronted by the shoe. Emotion is the DNA of the exhibition and the quality that both Geert and Dodi feel is missing in the fashion industry today. So the show will not be about the technical advancement in shoes nor their historical development, it will be purely about emotion. This is not an exhibition about sensible shoes. The exhibit will be divided into themes, no clich

Diane Pernet

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