Pitti Picks – Text by Eugene Rabkin, Photography by Maarit Aakko

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I have spent hours scouring the over one thousand Pitti Uomo exhibitor booths. Editing such a mammoth amount of information is no easy feat, but here is the list of things I liked.

  1. Pitti Immagine is pretty good at keeping their ear to the ground when it comes to the way fashion moves. South Korean designers are now making waves, so it’s no accident that it was the guest nation at Pitti Uomo. My first pick is the label Ordinary People that does exceptionally well constructed preppy-with-a-twist clothes, with their bomber jackets being the highlight. Here is the designer of the label, Jang Hyeong Cheol, modeling one of the reversible bombers.


  1. Another South Korean label I liked was Munn, whose deconstructed tailoring was set apart by meticulous attention to detail and fabric choice.


  1. The Danish label The Last Conspiracy (zing!) produces hand made shoes in Portugal and leaves no holds barred when it comes to using traditional construction methods such as Goodyear welt and skin treatments. These boots will last (zing!) for years and years.


  1. This backpack by Bothos caught my eye with it’s unusual construction, using sturdy leather as a shell and nylon as the innards.


  1. More bags! Troubadour Goods is an English label run by American expats. Their goal is to make leather goods versatile enough to be both elegant enough to stand out on their own but also blend in enough to be used at the office and such. Personally, I think they should set up shop on Wall St., which has no lack of sartorial eyesores and sorely lacks products like these.

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  1. The young Spaniard Christian Guerra graduated from Polimoda in Florence and became consulting for the tech fabric purveyor Limonata. They liked him enough to have him design a capsule collection of exceptionally lightweight and water resistant garments.


  1. Faliero Sarti scarves are a perennial favorite and visiting their booth is always a treat. This time was no exception, and I spent perhaps too much time in there in order to pet the soft fabrics and admire their prints and dyeing techniques.


8. The Ukranian designer Anna K is already known for her ironic line of Fashion Circus t-shirts that have sold out at Colette three times this season (have no fear, the fourth shipment is on the way). But did you know that she also makes clothes?! Here is Anna modeling this adorable dress with a double collar and a print she designed.


That’s it!