Paris Men’s -Dries Van Noten

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Surrounded by Cars, Dries is one designer that knows how to make his fans happy. Drinks, sandwiches, nice location…easy to wear clothes that still look cool.


I don’t remember ever seeing so many bags at Dries but I do know that every man I know is looking for the perfect one, perhaps they will find it here.


Tim Blanks from and EGR my Mexican contributor

Catherine Baba and her right arm

Monocle Men and Jason Farrer

More later,


I know that the Royal Monceau destruction party was probably the best ever thrown in Paris but the line was so long and I left Antoine Asseraf and Yoann there , minutes after I left Jean Paul Lespagnard came out to fetch them. Antoine might post pics of the fete later.

Diane Pernet

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