Dear Shaded Viewers,

Diane in leather

I was introduced to the work of Michael Guerra last week by his ex-student and winner of the 1,2,3 prize and the public prize at the festival d’Hyeres, Jean-Paul Lespagnard. I asked Michael the questions in English, he responded in French so for sure a bit of his poetry has been lost in the translation.

DP: I see that Diane appears 4 times, who is Diane to you?

MG: Diane is the goddess of the hunt and of nature. She represents the environment in which I live, that is to say the countryside and the forrests. I profoundly hate the city with it’s grey and dead architecture, stressed people, deaf, dumb and blind. It is the opposite of nature which speaks to me comforts and rocks me in it’s arms. Diane represents this reassuring and disturbing nature.

‘Diane’ in pleated leather

She is the sweetness and the strength. Both cold and hot. She is a friend but also an enemy. She calms in the same way that she stresses. She is magic like a mal

Diane Pernet

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