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Dear Diane & Shaded Viewers,

This is the interview i mentioned in my post yesterday, with your question Diane and a note from Wish….. I didn't realise till now, i actually own a piece by Wish, which he made under the name Grey by Greyhound…..Whilst I was in bangkok for a dj set 3 years ago, friends Gene Kasidit and Bee from the band Futon took me to Wish's store, the world really is small…Congratulations Wish!

x @alexichick


Tell me about your experiences at IFM, to opening your shops in Thailand, to Mango & how you felt getting refused at Hyeres & why did you change the name of your brand?

IFM Paris taught me to be stronger and open in my vision + how to manage my creations within the fashion industry, which I adapted to the Thai system. From Thailand to Mango: I was waiting and working  for 2 years, everything was planed with the growth of my brand and I have a good team in Bangkok helping me, thanks to all of them, it became a reality. Being refused at Hyeres was a good experience, I learned from this. I changed the name of my brand from Titipon to Wisharawish, as it's something very Thai, It's quite complex to explain, but my mom said it's like re-branding and It's true, since i changed the name of my brand, everything has been going very well for me.

Thank you Diane for your ongoing support, since The Bangkok Fashion Week (my collection GREY by GREYHOUND) in 2005.



1.The collection is made up of beautiful / intricate details and handmade pieces, how does traditional Thai hand craft inform your work?

Hand crafts are always part of my creations, and i think it's the base of Thai culture, we like to focus on small details, for me personally, I try to add more value to the work through using craft techniques (we spent lot of time to produce each piece)

2. Reincarnation, Budist culture, animals and rebirth, could you expand on these themes, are they ongoing themes in your work or purely dedicated to your current collection "Reincarnation" for Mango Fashion Awards?

I love to translate a concept into reality & this time for The Mango Fashion Awards, the physical collection reflects; reincarnation, Bhudism, animal and rebith, mixed with the notion of instinct. I tried to do something Light & soft (many of friends said the collection is a little fierce) but for me I think it's very soft and sensual.

3. Where is your workspace located?

I'm based in Bangkok, Thailand at the moment, where I plan to focus on the southeast asian market, followed by expanding into other regions. Nowadays, i feel fashion is something global, everything's possible, the world is smaller than before.

4. Does music and art play a part in your work? who would you say is your favourite Bangkok based performing artist and writer?

I've been listening to Philip Glass everyday now for few years. Artist; Elmgreen & Dragset are always great, Bangkok based musician Gene Kasidit, is my neighbour and I love his music. My favourite book is Walden by Henri David Thoreau.

5. What is "material" to you?
Life and work, I think: "Never give up"

6. From being a fashion student to working as a designer in the industry,
how has this changed your work and life balance? Do you aspire to Art & life as being one?
I used to try to seperate work and life, but in the end it's mixing together, so I let it be like that, naturally.

7. what advice would you give other fashion students about to graduate?
Today there are plenty of talented people, the most important thing, is having a chance to show your work and you shouldn't wait for that chance to come.

8.  What is the role of the fashion industry today, how is industry supporting independent fashion designers?
Independent designers have to do it on their own, in their own rythm,
The fashion industry always opens the door for a newface, but to survive and grow is another story 🙂

9. Your future dreams?
Continue with my creations, I'd like to see more people wearing my designs.

Alexandra Murray-Leslie

Alex is an artistic researcher and co-founder of the art band Chicks on Speed. She is currently Professor, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Honorary Industry Fellow, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney.