Dear Shaded Viewers,

Hyeres in le Figaro

We woke up this morning to a nice review in Le Figaro. Antoine Asseraf and I decided we should have one last meal at our fave resto on the beach. We ran into the entire team from the villa there.

the team from the Villa

The plan was once back in Paris we would have dinner with Miguel Villalobos, Graham and his mother and friends and team players.


Chinatsu and Miguel Villalobos and Miguel and Graham Tabor at the Pompidou

Graham, Miguel and I decided to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Centre Pompidou and have lunch before they left for NYC. I highly recommend the show. She is truly amazing. Also, we are wondering why we don’t go more often to Le Fumoir, great food and excellent service.

We loved this little old lady sitting on the cold and damp ground wildly playing her instrument. We, of course, gave her a few coins.

How they fit all the bags into the trunk of the taxi was a miracle. Graham and Miguel off to CdG.




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