Pleasure Principle F/W 08/09-photos by Francois Hugon

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Adrian Cowen and Diva Pittala design under the label Pleasure Principle. Adrien is from London and Diva is from Rome. The two met about twelve years ago before moving to New York. “New York City is a great inspiration-not so much for fashion but for the attitude, the way of living in this city. It’s so much about social interaction, a fast and hardcore way of living,” says Adrian. The two began collaborating in the late 90s under the label People Like to Dream about the Future. In 2002, they created Pleasure Principle.In the early stages of Pleasure Principle, bondage was the inspiration. “Bondage was also a reference to punk movement, which is always a strong influence on us and we believe to be a state of mind that neither began in ’76 nor has ended today,” explains Adrian. We love imagery that has multiple connotations.


DP: Does that print spell out something?

A & D: the top t-shirt is ‘pleasure principle’ spelled out with razor blades.

DP: How do you move your arms in that one?

A&D: it’s a dolman sleeve and there are arm holes that you don’t really see in the picture

DP: Are there more pieces like the 20’s style sheer top with the feather collar, is it feathers?
A&D: it’s actually an airplane travel pillow covered in mongolian lamb

DP: Does the horses tail come with the trousers?
A&D: hmm…maybe it should.

DP: Love the open mouth with the teeth, kind of looks like the end of the world, jaws, her expression and the print is perfect.

A&D: exactly –


DP: Love the cuts under the arms in the sweatshirts.
A&S: kind of our trademark cut – give the wearer the option of wearing sleeveless with sleeves trailing

DP: Looks like the collection would do very well in LA, is that why you went out there?
A&D: we really went over there to meet with one store in particular. Mameg, it shares the same space as MMM boutique in Beverly Hills.

DP: Any message you want me to pass on about your collection?

A&D: The medium is the message.

photos by Francois Hugon



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