Paris Fashion Week is over

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Before my friends Mei Hui and Sonny Vandevelde left for London and Antwerp, we decided to lunch at Toraya.



Graham, Sonny and I went to the Rainbow Wave showroom to get a closer look at the Marios Schwab collection. I did not take any images unfortunately but you can scroll back to London fashion week for a look at Marios’ collection. While I was there Marios gave me a beautiful present that I cherish, a gold angel.

I went to meet Max and Brenda from White in Milan for a tea at the Ritz

Martin Webb and Graham Tabor at the Ritz

my beautiful present from Marios Schwab

Last stop of the day was a visit to Mr. Pearl. Zowie from Boudicca was meeting us there.
Zowie and Mr. Pearl and Matthew Hawkins and Martin Webb.

We were missing Miguel Villalobos, already back in NYC and Robb Young who returned to London today. So ends Paris fashion week but many many more images to post.



Diane Pernet

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