Stockholm Fashion Week +46 show Day 2

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The two highlights of my day were a visit to Galerie Nordenhake and the +46 Award Fashion Show.

Annika Berger

I was on the jury along with Kim Jones creative director at Dunhill, Robin Schulie buyer for Maria Luisa, Gert Jonkers Publisher/Ediitor in Chief Fantastic Man/Butt Magazine, Rosa Orrantia owner Persuade Bilbao and Mattias Karlsson Fantastic Man/Dazed & Confused/Acne Paper that chose Annika Berger as the +46 Award winner this year.


Annika Berger
Annika launched her own brand in 2006SWD/Skyward, which explored her longing for the bigger cities as well as her love of nature and the woods. She lives where she grew up, iVanersborg, a small town 90 km from Gothenburg. She sells in 30 shops including Seven (NYC) Aplace, Stockholm, Loveless (Tokyo), Kokon to Zai (Paris) and Weekdays and 59 in London.

Annika Berger. Odd Projects produced the exhibition along with the Production: Grandin Flying Circus

For the show Annika worked with curators: Sandberg & Timonen & Peter Geschwind along with stylist Dan Jaget. For more information contact Martin Bundock Martin@AWB.SE

The +46 trade show opened tonight and continues through the 31st

Robbie Spencer Dazed & Confused and Kim Jones

Earlier in the day we went to lunch and then to the Galerie Nordenhake

Robbie Spencer, Dazed and Confused and Take Sato from Monocle and Ben Loveless from Galerie Nordenhake explaining the art to Take and Ben Gorham, BYREDO.

Christian Andersson – I Did It Just The Same at the Galerie Nordenhake Stockholm

1984 preents the 1950 Olle Eksell designed Swedish publication of George Orwell’s 1984 in a state of flux. The semi-transparent book illustrates how history changes fiction which in turn affects reality and so on. Memo is the gost of an old xerox machine in a deserted office cubicle. The traces of its presence are the continued splashes of leaked light on the walls surrounding where it once stood.

The exhibition presents a trinity of works that interrelate with one another, simultaneously dealing with themes of evidence, duplication and transformation.

.Christian Andersson – I Did it just the same

Walter Niedermayr

John Coplans documented a body of work using his own aging body.

The driver that took me back to my hotel was called ODD he was laughing because the car was billed to Odd Projects. It was also the first person that I ever met called Odd.




Diane Pernet

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