Nicholas Julitta preview collection a/w 2011/2012 Teatro I Milan : text by Stefania Seoni all photos by Jacopo Turrini.

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers, few days ago I was invited by Sabrina Ciofi, Leila Palermo and Andrea Batilla for a breakfast at Grand Hotel et de Milan.They organized the meeting to talk about Hortus Mirabilis: a project that supports young fashion talents in Italy. Nicholas Julitta is one of the first candidates.He presented a preview of his A/W collection 2011-2012 at Teatro I. Compared to any of the other presentations this week, it was a performance completely out of sync.

Nicholas Julitta at TeatroI


A poetic giant woman performed as a solitary figure on stage she was covered entirely by fur.Teatroi2



Nicholas likes to experiment with materials and watch them take shape as he uses chemical treatments on them. In this case the fur was shaved then scraped. He uses hand crafted techniques and mixes industry with surrealism and that along with his theatrical presentation makes it easy to understand that the journey is more important than the final result.