Dear Shaded Viewers,

My last show was tonight, NEON, I met DuDu Bertholini on my last trip to Sao Paulo when I was here for the Iguatemi Filmefashion Festival with You Wear it Well. He designs NEON with his partner Rita. Dudu told me that he likes to empower women with his designs. The show reminded me of the opening scene in Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino where Jackie glides across the screen on moving stairs, here the girls glided out on rolling tracks.

NEON photos by Agencia Fotosite

Each season Dudu and Rita work with different artists that make their prints.

NEON photos by Agencia Fotosite

Lots of parties tonight, sure they will be great but infected eyes do not make me want to go out and party. Tomorrow is the last day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week.



Diane Pernet

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