photos by Agencia fotosite

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Busloads of press and journalists were taken to Tiete river this morning in the rain. The adventure started with a van from the hotel to another check point where we were loaded onto several buses that took us to the location of the Cavalera fashion show. Kitted out in yellow plastic raincoats and blue gas masks the crowd proceeded to walk down the banks to the polluted river  to board the boat from where they would watch the show.
It was at this point that I requested a van drop me back to the hotel, message received take care of the planet, do something now. Cavalera is a brand known for his colorful streetwear.

Now back in the hotel I have an eye infection, something that I never have and of course I am convinced that my eye is all swollen because of the polluted air. God knows what would have happened if I stayed to see the show.

photos by Agencia fotosite


photos by Agencia fotosite




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