Fashion Scandal in Milan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night there was a major reportage on italian fashion on national tv channel RAI 3 attacking the use of cheap black market labour by some brands like Fendi, D&G and Prada in Naples and Florence. Also in the discussion was the conflict of interests of fashion editors that are working as consultants for fashion companies and in particular they were attacking Franca Sozzani saying that she does fashion campaigns and her partner Luca Stoppini does fashion ad campaigns for everybody and Franca uses only her son and no other italian photographers. As you can imagine it was a big scandal because the way things usually are in Italy is that everybody knows something but nobody talks about it. Now all eyes are focusing on Conde Nast to see how they are going to handle the situation. It is interesting that this incident was exposed to a large public but don’t you think that it is up to the brands or the publications to decide who they work with? Let’s face it fashion has always operated as some kind of secret society.

Certainly this does not come as a big surprise to the powers that be at Conde Nast but don’t you think that it is up to them to decide what is acceptable in order to maintain the integrity of their magazines ?



Diane Pernet

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