NOOVO festival – You Wear it Well 2nd edition in Santiago de Compostela

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Doll Face by Andrew Huang

the voters

Instead of one, I decided to announce the 5 top winners of the second edition of You Wear it Well.

1. Doll Face by Andrew Huang (US)
2. The Sound of Clothes Anechoic SHOWstudio/Zora Star concept Penny Martin and Paul Hetherington; creative direction: Nick Knight and Paul Hetherington (UK)
3. Le Dernier Cri – Erwin Olaf (Holland)

Fash-Off: Make-Up-A-Thon
4. Fash-off: Make-Up-A-Thon concept and Direction: Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh (UK) SHOWstudio
5. Sweet Nick Knight/Jane How Direction and 3-D Photography: Nick Knight (UK) SHOWstudio

Three out of the top five went to SHOWstudio.

After the shows many of us came back to my hotel for drinks but after a few minutes I was dreaming of my room. A few friends came up to join me, Miguel taking a photo of Boudicca’s Zowie Broach and Graham Tabor.

More on Noovo later, have not been cyber.



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