Dinner with Joy Yoon at The Market and holiday pictures from Mo Hoffman in Siracuse

Mon 29/08/2005 20:07 DianePERNET(1009)
Joy Yoon Mon 29/08/2005 20:07 DianePERNET(1009)

Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you watched my film One Night in Bangkok you will remember our No Dinner Last Night experience. Tonight Joy Yoon was in Paris  and we made up for that lost dinner at the Market on 15 ave. Matignon 75008.

When I came home I found lots of pictures from Mo Hoffman’s wonderful  summer break.

Costanza and Mo Hoffman went to visit the Sicilian part of Costanza’s family and rented an old house in the countryside with grounds packed with lemon, orange, olive and carrubba trees and invited their friends from Paris, Bogota, Berlin, Munich, Rome and Bologna brought lots of music, a few computers, all kinds of cameras and audio recording equipment and will call the results of their work Nuovo Cugino after the new cousins and friends that they met.

Later, Diane


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