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Omondi is the name of the character in the film played by Collins. Omondi is an HIV child that recites a poem that tells us his dream. Unfortunately the free upload of the film is no longer available. You can, however, purchase the film or visit the site and hear the poem. Diego Quemada-Diez, the director, wrote the poem that Omondi recites.

Venya, A Shaded Viewer, sent me this link. He had read the piece posted a few days ago on the Gap and the child sweatshop. Another Shaded Viewer, Jesus Sandoval sent me the article from the Observer 28-10-07, both I choose to share with you.

A statement from the Director:

“After the amazing experience of working in the film The Constant Gardener I wanted to make my own film in Kibera. My intention was to find a powerful story that would show the extreme situation in the slums of Nairobi.
So I went back to listen to the kids from the ghetto, to hear their stories, their feelings, their dreams.

On August 2005 I interviewed about 50 orphan kids in one of the classrooms from Raila

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