Michel Gaubert in Bejing

As promised, Michel Gaubert in Bejing. The reason for his trip? He was asked to do the music for the Fendi show. Location? The Great Wall of China.


Dear Shaded Viewers,


Well Beijing was a real trip, did not know what to expect, until we arrived at night straight to the hyatt hotel that was turned into a fendi hotel for the occasion.

It is funny to find out that the word baguette applies to many things :
baguette de pain ( hence the fendi bag that you carry like a baguette ) chopsticks , so the chinese need two, or again drumsticks, that you also need two of.
it is like a pair of shoes in a way.

The chinese are logo hungry, i guess it tastes better. They have all kind of fakes where they even mix logos together, or even have logos like givenchy on the floor of hotel lobbys.
My driver had the best shoes, black suede loafers mixing emporio armani and louis vuitton.

This is where the hair and make-up was done in the hotel lobby at the foot of the great wall with the Givenchy logo in the marble floor.

The show was incredible, who would have thought I would do music to show fashion on the great wall of china, it was the best way of seeing it.




The last day we met with Cyril Duval aka Item Idem, my good friend from Tokyo who took us to the military museum where we had a great time and reminding us of the mugler pictures from the 80’s.
Cyril pulled out his mask from Munch to pose next to chinese weaponry.


That is also the place where we saw the No Trans Passing sign, we did not know that transexual was part of the communist vocabulary.


Michel Gaubert

Diane Pernet

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