Incident at Acropolis and K & D Plus God and THe Best Thing Ever

Dear Shaded Viewers,

image of Antoine Asseraf by Filep Motwary

Antoine Asseraf had never visited the Acropolis and the Parthenon so our friends decided to take us there.

chez Maria Mastori

Apostolos Mitropoulos and Filep MOtwary

THe guard in the white shirt and black skirt is the one that hated me on site

The Acropolis is free to Greeks on Sunday, we started walking up the hill…when suddenly a mad woman came running after us explaining that I could not enter because she did not believe that I was appropriately dressed.(That is her in the white shirt and black skirt) A Greek drama ensued where I was flatly told that dressed as I was I was not able to enter the Acropolis. We were directed to another entrance and then to two more people that would decide if I was would be permitted to enter the most famous natural feature of Greece. After much discussion the powers that be explained that traditional dress was not permitted in the Acropolis, and Olivier Bobin, that includes Brides and Grooms. We assured them that this was my normal style of dressing and it was not representative of any particular culture or country. Finally we were permitted entry as long as we did not publish pictures from our visit. Later on, as we were walking down the hill, another mad female guard came running up to us shouting that my traditional dress was a problem. She ran faster than light to alert the guards of my presence on the site. For some unknown reason, perhaps the changing of the guard, we were able to exit in peace. The light was beautiful, the weather lovely and I promise never to return to the Acropolis again. Funny when I was there last year with Robb Young and Christos, we had no problems at all other than a few people asking me if I was an actress. THis incident is on a par with the one a few years ago in a cafe in Vienna, I was thrown out of a cafe because I asked the waiter what kind of fish they served.


photos by Apostolos Mitropoulos

Antoine Asseraf goes to the Acropolis

photos by Filep MOtwary

The Best THing Ever

After that weird Acropolis experience we decided to visit The Best Thing Ever which is an installation by 5 artists, Richard (George & Dragon), Lucy Dodd, Christopher Kreitling, Liliana Sangino and Robin Schulie.
The idea was for the artists to live and work in te gallery for 10 days, blurring the lines between studio and show space. They started out with raw materials fromthe streets of Athens and donations of wonderful printed Eley Kishimoto fabrics. They worked with traditional greek olive oil, candlelightand the final show was in the glow of the candles.

Liliana and best zoo ever


I was very proud to find myself as the best blog ever



The audience is invited to view the space as a sculpture, including the process, the artists, the materials, what the artists are wearing, what they were wearing but now hangs on the wall… We had to miss the performance as Costas is cooking us dinner tonight. Los Angeles based artist Lucy Indiana Dodd will perform “The Best Thing Ever” at 19h tonight.

If you are in athens tonight, 15 Leonidou St, Kerameikos, Athens, Greece until 21h.

More on Athens Fashion Week on Filep MOtwary



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