Meeting war photographer Christine Spengler today at MEP at the David Lynch exhibition

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was really funny today at the David Lynch exhibition at the Maison Europeenne de La Photographie, MEP for short, Christine Spengler, the most glamorous war photographer in existence, came up to me and said "Don't you remember we met with Martirio."

We had a great chat, she fell in love with Marco de Rivera and gave him her book and when I came home I searched for the images of Martirio and I to show to Marco. I have a funny thing with Martirio because for decades people on the street have been calling me Martirio and one day she was performing in Paris and Agusti Camps, set decorator and husband of Maria de Medeiros,  said I absolutely had to meet her.  I went to her concert with my friend Mario Canal and we went back stage afterwards. It was in 2010 and Christine Spengler, who is a great friend of Martirio, had seen me in the concert and thought that I'd gotten dressed especially to pay homage to Martirio. The whole thing is quite amusing because I've had my look for decades and had no idea who Martirio was until of course I got curious and googled her to find out why people kept calling me Martirio. I adored her but I still don't think we look alike aside from white skin, dark hair, red lips and sunglasses. In my search for Martirio I also found a photo of when YWIW,my first fashion film festival was playing in Barcelona. It was 2007 and I cannot begin to tell you what a total disaster it was the only good bit was that my friends Maria and Agusti happened to be in Barcelona and we lived this insane festival together.



Diane Pernet

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