Backstage with Sonny Vandevelde at Ludovic de Saint Sernin an ode to Robert Mapplethorpe

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Dear Shaded Viewers,

In a departure from his customary Parisian backdrop, Ludovic de Saint Sernin chose New York as the stage for his latest collection, a move inspired by none other than the legendary Robert Mapplethorpe. Mapplethorpe had been his hero since as long as he could remember. In fact in an interview he revealed the fact that it was Mapplethorpe that gave him the courage to launch his own brand. For this collection he collaborated closely with the Mapplethorp Foundation.

The collection goes beyond a mere reflection of Mapplethorpe’s photographs; it aspires to breathe life into the personalities captured within those frames, forging a contemporary community that mirrors Mapplethorpe’s spirit. According to De Saint Sernin,  it was about envisioning what Mapplethorpe might be creating if he were alive today. I think that Mapplethorpe would have seriously appreciate the effect he had on De Saint Sernin. As a result the collection feels simultaneously fresh and familiar.

Saint Sernin’s New York collection stands as a poignant homage to Robert Mapplethorpe, skillfully fusing the late artist’s aesthetic with the designer’s distinct vision. Infused with a palpable sense of sexuality and artistry, the collection strikes a delicate balance that feels both groundbreaking and respectful of Mapplethorpe’s legacy.

The collection’s  commercial viability is unmistakable, with designs that are likely to resonate across both print and digital platforms. The delicate interplay of sexuality and artistry is executed with  finesse.

Much like the collection itself, this tribute is a testament to the belief that genuine style and allure emanate from confidence and the art of subtlety. Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s homage to Robert Mapplethorpe is a celebration of the enduring influence of an iconic artist.



Diane Pernet

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