Los Angeles with David Norbury and a visit to Steve Olson

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Aside from the festival and my bout of jet lag I have not really been doing much here these last few days. Today I had fun with my old friends.

David Norbury and Dino Dinco and his singing friend

THe Japanese garden is under construction.


David Norbury and Steve Olson’s art

After a walking tour of Melrose David Norbury and I had a tea with Steve and his friends.

Friends of Steve Olson, skateboards and bikes

art work by Steve Olson

The only two pieces that are not for sale

art work by Steve Olson

Steve and his work

All of the art work that Steve Olson showed me has already been sold with the exception of the fur piece and the can which is not for sale.

Joe Haller, Ian Hannula and Dino

I met with You Wear it Well supporters, good friends of Dino’s , Joe Haller and Ian Hannula of Nice Collective, who flew from SF to LA for the second edition. They also did the same for the first edition. We are all staying at the lovely Standard Hotel 550 South Flower street. I invited them up to my room for a minute to show them my huge bathtub. We decided in order for you to appreciate the scale …



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