Material By Product

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Two Austrailians from Melbourne, Susan Maria Dimasi and Chantal Louise McDonald founded Materialbyproduct in 2002. At first their collection was entirely made by hand. We met in Paris because Sonny Vandevelde, who had seen them in Trieste, thought that I would be interested in their work.


Material by product showed their Soft Hard collection in Trieste at ITS6. They define Soft as the artisanal aspect of their work and Hard stands for the machine made, which is used in a minimal way in their manufacturing. They are more interested in experimenting with materials to find new and innovative processes than merely sewing pieces of fabrics together. Their textiles created a buzz at the ITS6 festival. In fact they were approached by one of the most interesting and innovative design houses in Paris for a potential collaboration. You know how those things go, the name cannot be revealed.


Material By Product does not believe in working by seasons, which is helpful considering that they are based in Australia. Obvious by their name, they do not believe in waste.
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Diane Pernet

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