Mango Fashion Awards and their 300,000 EUROS prize

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The first Spanish International fashion award, MANGO Fashion Awards offers the biggest prize ever in the history of fashion contests…300,000 EUROS.

Competing for this award are many designers that have previously shown their collections at the festival d’Hyeres.

Sandrina Fasoli – Belgium
Miras Txell -Spain
Christian Wijnants – Belgium
C.Neeon – Germany
Sadaharu Hoshino ES – France
Felipe Oliveira Baptista – France
Cathy Pill – Belgium
Swash – UK
Blaak – UK
Mikio Sakaba – Japan

Sandrina Fasoli, Christian Wijnants, C.Neeon, Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Swash were all awarded prizes at the festival d’Hyeres.

In addition to the grand prize all of the designers are given l8,000 EUROS to produce their next collection. I know every one of the designers in the selection if they did not pass through Hyeres I was on their jury at Royal Academy of Antwerp or at IFM or La Cambre. May the best man/woman win. Congratulations to you all and look at it this way, if you don’t win the 300,000 EUROS prize then at the very least your next collection has been paid for. In the words of Michel Mallard, the fact that you were selected makes you all winners.

The judging panel, consisting of five prestigious international design schools (Central Saint Martins ; Institut Fran

Diane Pernet

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