Charles Jeffrey Celebrates a Decade of LOVERBOY by Bethany Berkeley




Dear Shaded viewers,

London Fashion Week celebrated some renowned British designers this weekend gone, among them was Charles Jeffrey whose brand has graced the city’s fashion scene for many years. Celebrating a decade this season, Jeffrey unveiled his newest collection in the appropriate fashion. Hosting a fashion festival in Somerset House.

Adequately titled “10,” Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s SS25 collection delved into the concept of “queer time.” Exploring how LGBTQ+ identities and experiences can shape our perception of time, encompassing the past, present, and future. Founded in 2014 Jeffrey’s brand has always been far from ‘the norm’ driven by ‘narratives’ rather than trends and commercial aspects. However, the brand has garnered a cult following for itself over the years, with its iconic beanies which can  be seen atop many a head in London.

The collection featured wearable pieces that were daring yet playful, synonymous with Loverboy’s house codes. Juxtapositions were at the core of the collection, as models sauntered down the runway in draped oxford shirts undone and worn with undergarments, challenging sartorial codes. Draped silhouettes gave way to deconstructed elements, mirroring the gradual breakdown of a look as the day wears on. A post-punk edge lingers with ringed eyes and messy hair.

Hinging on the idea of “Brand Magic,”  the Loverboy SS25 collection aims to bridge the gap between aspiration and accessibility. Ensuring their luxury status remains relevant and resonates with their audience. Other themes highlighted in the collection included “Soft Soldiers,” hinting at the fusion of power and gentleness, and also “REDUCE. Refine. RE-CONNECT,” a call for sustainable practices and deeper connections.

All in all the show was a comeback of sorts for the brand, following shows in both Paris and Milan. Culminating in a breakout performance from Beth Ditto which had models dancing down the runway and also legendary British supermodel Erin O’Connor, the show celebrated Jeffrey’s love for London. A decade in it’s clear to see that Loverboy’s rebellious spirit is here to stay.



Bethany Berkeley

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