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I met Filep Motwary on the streets in Paris, one day he came up to me and told me that he knew who I was and that he would love it if I would take the time to look at his work. We met for tea. Filep lives in Athens where he works closely with Maria Mastori, the jewelry designer. Filep and Maria’s show was the highlight of this years Athens Fashion week.

After graduating from fashion schools both in Milan and Athens Filep worked as a stylist at Greek l’Official before assisting Athens top couture designer, Loukia. After five years he created his own collection, “Soit l’autre” and began selling one of a kind pieces to his favorite boutique in Athens, Bettina. He left Athens for Paris in 2004 where he interned with John Galliano at Christian Dior then to Chloe for Phoebe Philo’s last collection. After a year he returned to Athens where he started a collaboration with jewellery designer Maria Mastori. This season was their second collaboration for Hellenic Fashion Week.


“I have always been a dreamer. I imagine myself in films or scripts. I even hold dialogues with my image in the mirror. The clothes I design are my scenario, and they represent the emotions that I am going through at that time. I am surrounded by hundreds of people everyday and have many friends who love me, but truthfully I never felt that any of them could really understand what I was going through when I am trying conceive my next collection’s theme. Only Maria managed to respect that and actually she doesn’t allow any of the people working with us at the studio, to talk to me until I feel ready. Only by making clothes I feel that I have a real task on this planet and the right to continue being myself.”


Future plans?
“If you are asking me whether I want to make it big, well YES, I do. Not because I want to buy a yacht or a house though. I was never interested in something like this. Big for me is being so good work wise, that one day a museum will honor my years of career. Or being 80 years old, stepping in the museum and watching fashion students, sitting on the floor illustrating my work in their sketchbooks. This is big for me. Not the money.”

Filep and Maria are on, you can visit them there or log on to Filep’s blog Un Nouveau Ideal.



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