Books and Totems from an imaginary civilisation – an installation by Christian Astuguevieille – Hermes Store Hong Kong International Airport

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Over the last twenty years, Christian Astuguevieille has been working on the common tools and ritual objects of an imaginary civilisation. Recently he has seized upon Hermes agendas of various sizes, covered them with symbols, colours and inscriptions, and assembled them into multicoloured totems to be revered.


From other Hermes agendas, he has extracted pages and juxtaposed them, sewed them, painted on them and stained them, transformiing them into books of meditation, history and divination.


THe exposition will be up from 2 December to the beginning of February.



P.S. You might remember the beautiful gold chair….Christian was the designer of that treasure which is currently living at Persuade in Bilbao, but I’m quite sure not for long..

Diane Pernet

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