Day 3 Zinebi and a visit to Habito de estrellas Izarren Abitua

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After last nights rain the sun is back. I had a breakfast meeting with Leticia Orue and Pascal from Modorrra, Alberto the designer behind the label Sin Patron and Aimar Arriola, ayudante to the curator in charge of art, architecture and installations at the Guggenheim Bilbao. I might add that the curation of the museum matches it’s wonderful exterior.
Aimar Arriola, Alberto ‘Sin Patron’, Pascal and Leticia Orue of Modorrra, the new fashion front in Bilbao.

After our meeting I had an interview for the festival at the Habito de estrellas costume exhibit. Imagine being so close to the costumes once worn by Silvana Mangano in Death in Venice, Catherine Deneuve in Indochine, Jeanne Moreau in Querelle…and I was not allowed to document if for you. The photographer took these for me.



I’ve gotten quite into the habit of passing by Persuade around 14h everyday to see Rosa. Bless is well represented here and Persuade is in their new book.
Bless cables and Christian Astuguevieille’s sculpture


While I was there her friend Dora Salazar dropped by. Here are a few images of Dora’s work, she made the lamp and the leather torso.

Dora Salazar and Rosa at Persuade

Dora Salazar’s leather bust and metal lamp

Rosa and I went to lunch and then stopped over at Imatra to have a look at the Asier Lasiur (a storm in a teacup) installation. I was quite taken by the paper tiles that look like plaster by Encarna Cepedal.

Asier Laspiur’s ladders and Dora Salazar’s buzzer

Encarna Cepedal from a distance you would never know that they are made out of paper.

It is really hard to decide which films to see since there are films projected at the same time in 4 different locations. Tonight I chose the Cuban series but I’m not sure that I made the right choice. The screenings were held in the Museo Bellas Artes Bilboko Arte Eder Museoa so I had a chance to experience the art before the films began. I noticed the Christmas tree went up yesterday.
Press conference tomorrow morning for You Wear it Well and there will be a screening for the press before that and in the evening the screening will be held at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.



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