A short visit with Manuela Arcari, the designer behind the brand Ter & Bantine, currently showing at WHITE



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T b shorts cut

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 I've appreciated the work of Manuela Arcari for  Ter & Bantine going  back to my days, pre 1997,  as a fashion editor for Joyce Ma's magazine, Joyce. Back then I used to pull in her clothes for our photo shoots. The signature of the brand has always been about the modernity and wearability of the  pieces and the fact that they are timeless with innovative silhouettes and a play with geometry. Another aspect is the way Manuela merges contrasting textiles and prints.  This season she mixes  burlap with leather and cotton. The essence of the brand is its superfine quality, balance, coherence and precision which, over the years, has amassed a constantly growing worldwide fan base. Who does she think of when she designs? Herself, her daughter, her friends, you and me. These are clothes that are focused on the product and the idea is to give pleasure and comfort, and of course beauty, to the wearer. Probably the fact that she is a woman effects the way that she handles volumes and maybe this bit has nothing to do with being a woman, but there is an obvious influence that comes from contemporary art. Ter & Bantine is 100% Italian, in 2011 Ter & Bantine introduced their first line of accessories and I'm sure that is going to increase the ever increasing nature of the brand. I did not try on those platforms or the shoes with the clear resin heel but they are on my mind if I go back to visit the showroom at WHITE over the next few days.

Manuela and I





Diane Pernet

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