Julien Bertic reports in from Kuala Lumpur

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,

Today was my first day in Kuala Lumpur where I came to follow the malaysian fashion week. After a very long flight from Kuwait through Dubai and Singapore, and over 1 hour drive from the airport, I finally reach my hotel downtown with a great view on the second highest towers in the world the Petronas Towers (452M or 1483ft). 25 degrees and very humid weather. pix attached


First day was obviously the opening day with a very official gathering including Mrs the deputy minister of Finance, Mr Jimmy Choo and Mrs Syeba Yip Managing director of MIFA among others. pix attached

The shows went from street wear with Padini to evening with Carven Sense to end with the very interesting collection of Cris Yong featuring “Post-apoclyptic” outfits. His inspiration as the soundtrack told us, was a post war situation were the population had to dress with the leftovers but in a glamourous way. The stunning hairstyle was done by peek- a-boo We could almost feel some Comme des Garcons or Undercover sensations. pix attached

The whole set up was very enthousastic, the fact Malaysia is a muslim country, did not even prevent designers to have sexy silouhettes.

As a preview, I took some pictures of the outfits going on stage in 2 days during the first Islamic Fashion week ever. Just enjoy


Diane Pernet

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