Mario Canal: Le jour noir du Passage Souterrain

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,
Yesterday night I stayed at home -who wouldn’t with that Nuit Blanche-, so I felt in shape this morning to do a little bit of High Art.
This means I took the stencil made for the Passage Souterrain by spanish artist Fernando Sanchez Castillo, who’s just showing a funny piece about Franco and democracy in Barcelona -Centre D’Art Santa Monica-, and then I went to Palais de Tokyo for my own private Jour Noir.
This is the way the graffiti looks.


Ex Manibus is a phrase founded in the Roman Coliseum, and its meaning, more or less, was something like “Do you see all this power, all this magnificent buidings and beautyness? Well, we didn’t move a finger to construct it. Thanks gods we have slaves, here and abroad” -this was the Cesar speaking-.
You see? Ex Manibus: no hands!
Fernando Sanchez Castillo was just thinking about Paris, the Palais de Tokyo and the Universal Exhibition when came with his graffiti piece.


Mario Canal

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