Fashion Fringe and my last day in London

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Along with Tom Ford, the panel included Nick Knight, GIles Deacon, Alannah Weston, Hamish Bowles, Hillary Alexander & Sarah Mower. Gavin Douglas was awarded the prize for his collection that evolved from an exhibition called Black Victorians. He currently has a collection of work on display at the Black British Style Exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.His dream is to have Alex Wek model his pieces and for David LaChappelle to shoot them in downtown Kingston Jamacia where he can get in touch with his roots. Gavin, however, was born in Birmingham, UK. . I can imagine David LaChappelle having fun in Jamacia with Alex Wek. I don’t really have any images to show you, I suggest that you visit the and Fashion Fringe’s sites. The place was massive and our seats were so far away from the stage that it seems pointless to show our images to you.
Bandana Tewari in red and Rafael Jimenez, IQONS and Maia Guarnaccia, YOOX Group
During the long deliberation I had a chance to speak with some new friends. Gavin’s collection will be presented exclusively online by YOOX.COM in February 2007.
After a lovely lunch at the private club, Hospital, I dropped Robb and Rafeal off at the ICA for a luxury conference and then was off to Waterloo.



Diane Pernet

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