Day 4 Russian Fashion Week, my final day

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was my last day in Moscow and I still had not visited the Cathedrals in the Kremlin so obviously that was my first stop. Today I decided to use the interpretor and the driver while letting Robb sleep in again. We had planned to meet at llh but I knew that would never happen.
No pictures of the inside of the cathedrals but take my word for it, they contain some of the most amazing frescos and icons that I’ve ever seen. Afterwards my interpretor asked me what I’d like to see and showed me a brochure. I picked out a park about 45 minutes outside of Moscow. We got stuck in intense traffic for one hour and when we finally arrived it was under construction and covered in mud.Trees2LeninOn the way back traffic was about the same.TowersStatue

We went to a lot of shows today but the energy level was so high octane because of Julien Macdonald’s show that we could hardly stand it. Here is an image of Alexandra SHumsky, organizer of Russian fashion week. Akiko is trying to recap the previous days since last night when she was partying with Robb she lost her agenda, her great notes and the camera with all of her documentation. Like I said, she delt with that disaster like the coolest journalist around.Redroom


Podium_and_arsenicumKostya Samoilov,Podium’s PR and the Creative Director from Arsenicum.

AkikoandrobbafterAkiko and Robb after Julien Macdonald’s show. Now it was off to find the off calaner party thrown by Rosa and Andrey Bartenev, aka the man in red spots.


The journey took us past prostitutes alley and we think that this is one of those hotels du passage.

HotelpassageWe_found_itWe were greeted by Rosa at the door and Andrey Bartenev in spots.
RosaatthedoorAndrey_bartenevandcam1partypeple2partypeople3partypeopleDanila Polyakov in the red bathing suit. If you look carefully, you will find Robb rockin out on the dance floor in his Boudicca coat.IlovethisguyRobbincenter6partypeopleRedcenterJabaghpaul

As usual, Robb walks me to the car and he stays on to party through the night. We loved our driver, he was the best.



The end of Russian fashion week, in a minute I will post the undisputed hit, Arsenicum.

Later, Diane


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